28 Dead Things in Jars: The Oddities & Curiosities Expo

Join us for this special episode where we geek the F out about the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, coming to San Diego on March 9th! We interview one half of the weirdos behind the expo, Michelle (her husband, Tony is the other half). This punk rock loving duo are from Tulsa, OK, and their love for each other, but more importantly for the strange and unusual, led them to create this event that debuted in 2017. We chat with Michelle about all the amazing and weird things that will be at the expo. The conversation also lends itself to human suspension, Bigfoot erotica, and Nicole mispronounces a few words….so you know the usual.

Click here for all the info on The Oddities & Curiosities Expo. This event continues to grow each year, so look for it coming to a city near you soon!

See how weird we can get:

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Founder and host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky stuff and her lifelong fetish with Bigfoot, aliens and Chupacabra. You seriously do not want to see her browser history. She is a recovering goth, but her passion for cemeteries and dead things has stayed alive long after she stopped shopping at Hot Topic.

Co-host, Jeremy is a paranormal experiencer turned investigator.  As a medical professional, he maintains a skeptical approach and was welcomed into the world of investigating by Nicole herself just a few years ago.  A lover of dad-puns, he spends his free time with his wife and kids, and he also formerly hosted his own podcast about the paranormal called Deviatus until ultimately he realized it was far too much work to pull off alone.  His drink of choice: Whiskey