21 Hipster Indiana Jones

Jessica Johnson, creator of the popular blogs, Hidden San Diego and Hidden California, is back to talk her latest adventures...and this time, the ghosts didn't mess with our recording equipment! Jessica has always been an adventurer and intrigued by the unknown, constantly seeking out new places to explore. We talk with her about the lost history of a few places in San Diego, hear about how going to a swap meet to find a guy in a cave turned into a religious experience, and get the inside scoop on her amazing crow rescue!

Please check out her blogs at: www.hiddensandiego.net and www.hiddenca.com

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Founder and co-host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky stuff and her lifelong fetish with Bigfoot, aliens and Chupacabra. You can find her on Instagram as @staberella.

Co-host Jackie is an experienced artist and designer. When she’s not on Instagram looking up photos of cats, she’s Googling serial killers and feminist vagina magic stuff. You can find her on Instagram as @jaxtastical.

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