10 Big Trash Can of Jungle Juice

We're baaaaaack! Welcome to season two, featuring an extended format that really showcases our versatility. Just kidding; it's booze. We talk about booze more. So, murder, the paranormal, and booze. Yes, our parents are proud of us, thanks so much for asking. 

Pull up a barstool (made from reclaimed wood if you're hipster)and sip your favorite drink while we all get to know one of the country's few female distillers. Laura Johnson founded You & Yours Distillery in San Diego, CA, and was featured on Forbes' 30 under 30 - Food & Drink list in 2018. We don't talk about that though, Instead, we learn how taking faux sick days as a child helped her find a passion. Let us know if you once shared her childhood dream of growing up to be...well, spoilers, so you'll just have to listen, baby, one more time.  

This amazing audible journey will leave you with the infallible knowledge that Laura is a badass, and though you won't get any secret recipes you will learn how her road led to her creating  a unique brand of gin & vodka (yes, we tried it, OBVIOUSLY). Annnnnnnd it wouldn't be a bonafide W&W episode without hearing a ghost story and a few awkward childhood stories. 

You & Yours Distillery is located 1495 G Street in San Diego.  You can buy their artfully crafted, and yummy, drinks here: www.youandyours.com

Founder and co-host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky stuff and her lifelong fetish with Bigfoot, aliens and Chupacabra. You can find her on Instagram (@staberella)

Co-host Jackie is an experienced artist and designer. When she’s not on Instagram looking up photos of cats, she’s Googling serial killers and feminist vagina magic stuff. You can find her on Instagram (@jaxtastical)

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