06 Glitter Nipples

Part Duece of our Grand Canyon Series!

Nicole and Jackie's bickering about Gillian Anderson finally gets producer Unikitty to step in front of the microphone for an epic referee moment. That is probably enough to get you to listen, but you'll also be treated to a lengthy discussion about animal wangs, nipple hues, and absolutely NO murder. OK, fine, we know you're here for the murder, and we d-e-l-i-v-e-r. 

According to wherever we get our research, there have been 770 deaths in the Grand Canyon since 1869. Please don't @ us with corrections, we're here to be social and drunk, not to be factual. Obviously there are some factors here like poor record-keeping, suicides, accidents, and unreported murders (unlike Pokémon, you can't catch 'em all). So let's just inflate that number to 1 million and call it a day.

For those sick bastards curious about the grim details of every (reported)Grand Canyon murder (just kidding, you're totally normal), check out the interactive Over the Edge map, where you can click on any pinpoint to read all the details on record. 

Jackie takes the lead in this episode, focusing on serial killer Robert Spangler. Sarcastic spoiler alert: the Grand Canyon was the setting for one of his kills. 

Sources and shit we want to recognize: We used Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon by Michael P. Ghiglieri and Thomas M. Myers to research both of our Grand Canyon episodes. 

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