05 Golden Poop Flakes

Grand Canyon Part One

Highlights of this episode include: two interesting, intelligent, drunk girls talking about paranormal stuff. Oh, and these topics: Crash Canyon, El Tovar hotel, Hopi House, and a creepy photo taken at the Grand Canyon (courtesey of Week in Weird).

Intrigued? So were we. 

Sit back, pick your poison and brace yourself for our first ever two-parter! The Grand Canyon is just too big for one episode;  it's rich with legends and ghost stories, In part one, Nicole dishes on her recent trip to the area and a place that's not known to many visitors; the Pioneer Cemetery.  

The Weirdos & Wine podcast is what happened when two awkward friends that live in San Diego discovered a shared passion for drinking and weird stuff, and decided to share it with the world. 

Founder and host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky stuff and her lifelong fetish with Bigfoot, aliens and Chupacabra. You can find her on instagram (@staberella)

Co-host Jackie is an experienced artist and designer. When she’s not on Instagram looking up photos of cats, she’s Googling serial killers and feminist vagina magic stuff. You can find her on instagram (@jaxtastical)

See how weird we can get:


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