09 Halloween Special

We've got an extra special episode, just in time for our favorite holiday - Halloween! This two-for one episode features a few guests and our first-ever live recordings. On this episode we'll be doing a special onsite paranormal investigation/interview with Deviatus Podcast & interviews from Jackie's amazing Harry Potter Halloween party!


In the first half, Nicole meets up with fellow paranormal investigator Jeremy, host of Deviatus podcast (check it out - but after you listen to this episode, of course), These two see what kind of boil, boil, toil and trouble they can get into during an investigation from a San Diego cemetery. Listen to a recap of their experiences from that investigation and bear witness as Jeremy curses for the first time! You'll also get to hear an EVP captured during the investigation! Check out Jeremy's show at https://deviatus.com/

For the second half of this episode, we take our listeners to Hogwarts! We interview guests at Jackie's Harry Potter-themed Halloween party (which was pure magic!) and learn about their paranormal experiences. Here for the murders and feeling left out? Don't worry, listen closely; there is something for you, too.

Founder and host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky stuff and her lifelong fetish with Bigfoot, aliens and Chupacabra. You can find her on Instagram (@staberella)

Co-host Jackie is an experienced artist and designer. When she’s not on Instagram looking up photos of cats, she’s Googling serial killers and feminist vagina magic stuff. You can find her on Instagram (@jaxtastical)

See how weird we can get:


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